May 15 2020


10:00 - 17:00

1st edition of the Workshop “From ObseRving to Modelling oceAn Life (FORMAL 2020) “

The aim of this first workshop is to present all the various types of marine data focusing on biogeochemistry and ecology data, with concrete examples, and to the different methods used to analyse these data, with a few examples of methods and associated challenges. The program will consist of presentations of invited talks (25 minutes) and refereed papers (10 minutes) including discussion time.

Marine biogeochemical and ecological data covered by the workshop will include, but are not limited to: omics, imaging, satellite, Argo profiling floats, acoustic, and bio-logging. Data analysis methods will cover, but are not restricted to: network analysis, machine learning, methods to combine data of various types, and data assimilation.

More information will follow soon, but please note the date in your agenda!

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