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The institute provides an innovative, stimulating and informal work environment, ideal for scientists and students willing to work or study at the forefront of sciences, humanities and medicine. The scientific core of the institute is its network of fellow affiliates – leading researchers who embrace the institute spirit and share in its mission to foster multidisciplinary research through computing.

The institute has the following groups of fellows:

  • Faculty and research affiliates include researchers whose research projects are funded by the institute and faculty members and researchers who have contributed to the computational work of the institute.

  • Graduate student fellows are outstanding PhD students nominated and funded by institute Board of Affiliates or graduate admissions committees and pursuing computational and data-driven research.

  • Postdoctoral research fellows have recently earned a PhD and are currently working on a research project of the institute.

  • Visiting fellows are scholars from other institutions spending time at the institute working on collaborative research projects.

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Check out our current job listings and apply to join our staff or research teams. Any questions about employment at the institute should be sent to ISCD’s director.
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