Computing and data science for discovery

The institute is dedicated to supporting and promoting a network of researchers who can design and apply mathematical and computational methods in solving scientific challenges across sciences, humanities and medicine.

Affilates work together within the institute on multidisciplinary projects, but remain also part of their home faculties. In this spirit, a right balance is achieved between disciplinary excellence and interdisciplinary cooperation.

One objective, three programmes

Incubated team projects

mid-term projects - 4 to 8 years -
granted to Affiliates

Sponsored junior team

selected short term – 2 years –
new interdisciplinary collaborations

Incentive actions

outside the research topics
of active team projects

Timeline 2018-22

Helping the community


ISCD collaborators produce working papers, occasional papers, and other publications. Many of these can be accessed through the HAL repository, a service of Sorbonne Université Digital Library.