Sorbonne Université Alliance (ASU) brings together 6 members across the disciplinary fields of the Arts, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Technology, and Management:
SCAI is one of the transdisciplinary institutes at Sorbonne Université. It role is to promotes the development of interdisciplinary research projects focused on AI, in a dynamic and attractive environment.

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AP-HP.Sorbonne-Université gathers 7 hôpitaux: La Pitié-Salpêtrière/Charles Foix et Tenon, Trousseau, Rothschild, Saint-Antoine, La Roche-Guyon, under the administration of Christine Welty.

Since 2018, ISCD is member of the dispositif postes d’accueil of AP-HP. It allows every year one young clinician to carry out research activities in relation with the team-projects at the institute.

Private sector

SiMSEO reaches out to businesses in all French regions, to support them in the use of numerical simulation by offering awareness sessions, training modules and tailored services and support. ISCD and the Maison de la Simulation (Paris Saclay) are co-partners of this national initiative coordinated by Teratec and Genci.

Commitment to partnership research.

The Carnot institutes network combines scientific excellence with professionalism and is committed to develop research for companies’ innovation.

ISCD is member of the former Tremplin Carnot Smiles.