PhD Program

Become an outstanding scholar

Discover and explore novel ideas and complex questions with leading academic scholars. You will be part of a unique and meaningful experience focusing your academic study in one of selected topics withing the PhD degree program. Let curiosity motivate you.
Fields of expertise

Explore our selective fields of expertise in scientific computing, and data analysis

Academic experience

Our PhD's program is intended to enable fellows to become outstanding researchers, and scholars in the future

How to apply

Be part of a rigorous, rewarding experience that will boost your academic career

Fields of expertise

From day one, ISCD PhD fellows will focus their academic experiences in one of several fields of study. This will allow them to benefit more from their time in this program, and to prepare themselves to pursue a fruitful career in research in their field.

A network of faculty and staff provide help and guidance throughout the PhD program. PhD fellows work with collagues in their field of expertise and also engage in collaborative research at ISCD’s affiliated labs.

Have a look at our fields of expertise

HPC technology focuses on developing parallel processing algorithms to analyze data and to perform complex computations at high speed. It relies on the use of dedicated computer architectures: vector Computers, MPP, SMP, Distributed Systems, Clusters, Cloud, GPU.

Data analytics aims at investigating data using specialized software tools to extract information and draw conclusions, in view of improving operational efficiency.

Complex models are difficult to understand. Interactive interfaces and visualizations are developed to help researchers understand their data and results.

Academic experience

The PhD Program’s distinct academic approach is designed to enable students to excel as researchers and scholars in the future.
The PhD program at Sorbonne University is a genuine professional experience that makes it possible to acquire the scientific and intellectual skills necessary for entering top-level careers in every public and private socio-economic sector, both in France and around the world.

Throughout their three-year experience, PhD fellows focus on one of several distinct fields. They work closely with faculty members and interact with the other students within the PhD program. All doctorate fellows benefit from the attention and expertise of renowned experts in their fields. The intensity of the full time PhD program requires a commitment to master the fundamental concepts in computer sciences and mathematics.

How to apply

Each year, a group of talented fellows is enrolled in our PhD Program. The are committed to a flexible, collaborative and rewarding experience in one of the leading institutions in Europe.

The application for Fall will open in early May of each year.

Apply to our program

A PhD program is not simply a continuation of your undergraduate program. The goal is to develop significant and original research in your area of expertise. You will have required courses to take, but these are designed to compliment your research and provide a broad and deep knowledge base to support you in your research endeavors.