FORMAL Webinar #1

June 18th 2020, 14h-16h.
1st FORMAL Webinar “From ObseRving to Modelling oceAn Life”.

New! The videos of the presentations are available bellow.

The first FORMAL webinar gathered remote presentations dedicated to marine big data (including online databases, satellite, omics, and imaging), with opening towards data assimilation and modeling.

All interested colleagues working on big data and/or modelling and/or marine sciences are welcome.

Practical aspects:
  • Mandatory registration HERE.
  • For technical reasons, the number of participants will be limited to 100.
  • Most of the presentations will be given in French.
Webinar Schedule:

Introduction (20 min)

  • 14h00-14h05 : Short presentation of FORMAL and of the Webinar (Sakina-Dorothée Ayata, LOV/ISYEB) video
  • 14h05-14h20 : Marine Big Data (Lionel Guidi, LOV) video

Part 1: Presenting the various types of marine big data (50 min)

  • 14h20-14h30 (10 min): Online databases of occurrence and environmental data (Salomé Fabri-Ruiz, LOV) video
  • 14h30-14h40 (10 min) : Omics/sequencing data (Emile Faure, LOV/ISYEB) video
  • 14h40-14h50 (10 min) : Imaging data (Thelma Panaïotis, LOV; Laure Vilgrain, LOV/Univ. Laval) video
  • 14h50-15h00 (10 min): Acoustic and Bio-logging data (Sara Sergi, LOCEAN) video
  • 15h00-15h10 (10 min): Satellite and Bio-Argo data (Marine Fourrier, LOV) video

Part 2: From data to models (40 min)

  • 15h10-15h20  (10 min) : Satellite data assimilation (Julien Brajard, LOCEAN/NERSC) video
  • 15h20-15h30 (10 min) : Omics-based Metabolic modeling from omics (Marie Burel, CEA) video
  • 15h30-15h40 (10 min) : Ecosystem and biogeochemical modelling (Corentin Clerc, LOCEAN) video
  • 15h40-15h50 (10 min) : Mathematical modelling (Benoit Sarels, LJLL/LBI2M) video


  • 15h50-16h00 (10 min) : Concluding remarks
Purpose of the Webinar
This first FORMAL webinar will provide a general overview of the marine big data that are collected and analyzed at SU, and of the challenges related to extracting relevant information from these data to feed marine ecosystem models.
Presentations will be given in French and most of the presenters are PhD students from SU.
All interested colleagues working on marine data and/or marine ecosystem models at SU and beyond are welcome.

FORMAL aims to study the dynamics of life in the ocean at various spatial and temporal scales. It is a junior projet-team sponsored by the Institut des Sciences du Calcul et des Données (ISCD; of Sorbonne Université. FORMAL gathers members of various laboratories from SU (LOV, LJLL, LBI2M, LOCEAN, ISYEB, AD2M, LOMIC). To stay informed of our future activities, please register here.