2023 PhD call

PhD Call for proposals 2023

Within the framework of the Institutes and Initiatives of the Alliance Sorbonne University (ASU), a campaign to award doctoral contracts financed by the Initiative of Excellence (Idex) is to be launched in January 2023. The ASU promotes interdisciplinary research and the structuring of training through research with the Sorbonne University Institutes and Initiatives.

Faculty and researchers from Alliance Sorbonne Université are invited to submit their proposals

Campaign Organisation

  • A call for doctoral research projects is launched among researchers and lecturers at the ASU.
  • The doctoral research projects, first validated by the doctoral schools, are then submitted to a committee chaired by the Director of the Institute.
  • The projects preselected by this committee are published on the Sorbonne Université website (doctoral section) and on the doctoral schools’ websites.
  • Students send their applications to the project leaders, who will be in charge to select one student for her/his project. Students will then be auditioned by the committee.
  • Selected candidates will be awarded a doctoral contract after the interview.


Until 26/02/23: Researchers submit proposals to doctoral schools
Until 10/03/22: Validation by doctoral schools
Until 28/03/22: Pre-selection of projects
Until 10/05/22: Submission of student applications
Until 13/06/22: Audition of candidates


Text of the Call for proposal (PDF in french)

Hearings of the candidates (June 9, 2023)

Each candidate will present in 12 minutes maximum his/her curriculum, his/her skills and the research subject he/she chose in the form of a slideshow. This presentation will be followed by a scientific discussion of no more than 15 minutes with the members of the committee to assess the adequacy between the skills of the candidate and the chosen thesis subject.

Each candidate will prepare a maximum of 8 PDF slides, communicated to the Chair of the committee before the hearing. These slides will contain information relating to:

  • initial training and results obtained (1 slide),
  • presentation of the master internship (1 to 5 slides),
  • presentation of the thesis subject (1 to 2 slides)

Each candidate should be prepared to answer the following two questions:

  • motivations for doctoral research,
  • perspectives after the thesis.

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